Unlock The Secret To Selling More Books
Rapid Reader Discovery

  • Discover who your readers are and why they buy your books (or not)
  • Learn exactly what to say to engage with fiction readers — and make book sales an inevitable (and non-spammy) part of the reader relationship
  • Move beyond generic "write to market" advice and focus on why readers love and buy your books — whether you're publishing in a traditional fiction genre, or a modern mash-up
  • Gain new insights to find more fiction readers (and sell more books)

Have you noticed how some authors seem to have the magic touch when it comes to selling books and connecting with readers? Those authors who seem to know just what to say, and how to say it? Authors who produce books that seem to hit the mark (and the bestseller list) effortlessly, with the stories (and marketing) that readers crave?

Maybe it’s experience… or intuition… or just plain luck that does it.

Meanwhile, you're doing everything "right"... at least as far as you've been told... but you can’t quite breakout and get to the next level. Or maybe the strategies and tactics that got you this far, just don’t seem to work as well anymore.

Makes want to beat your head on the desk, doesn’t it? Like, what am I missing here?!?!

How do you break through that barrier and get to the success you know you deserve?

Start back at the beginning, at the core of your business. No, not with words on a page.

Start with readers.

When you know your readers… and I don't just mean know “about” the readers in your genre, I mean really know your readers... the people who read your unique style and brand of books...

When you know your readers’ quirks and sensibilities… when and where and how and why they read… when you know which books languish in their TBR pile and which get binge-read (and why)... when you can get inside readers’ heads and speak their language… when you know why your readers buy (and why they don’t)…

Then everything about writing and selling books gets easier.

When you really know your readers, it becomes obvious what to write next... it's easy to write your next book launch email… it’s a no-brainer to put together an autoresponder sequence that turns casual readers into lifelong fans…. it’s simple to create blurbs that resonates (and sell)… and ads that attract new readers and fans.

When you really know your readers, you can be more confident about your books and your publishing choices… you can spot trends in reader behavior and get ahead of the marketplace…. or skip the latest fads without worrying you’re missing out…

And you can make decisions with confidence because you know what will (and won’t) resonate with your books, your brand and your readership.

When you know your readers, you can focus on what works.

How Do You "Know" Your Readers? How Do You Use  Reader Insights To Sell More Books?

It's one of those things that's simple, but not easy. You can try looking for reader clues with  “write to market” advice… researching genres… analyzing the bestseller lists… mining reviews…

But that information isn’t always predictable or obvious (or accurate)… and it can be hard to know how to transform that information into a workable, reader-focused publishing plan.

Or you could follow a simple, proven process that I’ve refined over the last 2 years… a process that I’ve used with my own pen names... and in working with nearly 100 fiction authors in a variety of genres and sub-genres…

You can follow a process called Rapid Reader Discovery.

With Rapid Reader Discovery, I’ll show you step-by-step how to gain a deep understanding of who your readers are and why they read (and buy) your particular brand of books... and how to apply those insights to find new readers and sell more books with less effort.

It starts with a combination of surveys and data science, behavioral psychology and persona marketing, plus a healthy dose of your own intuition about your writing style and your market — to help you gain a deep understanding of what books will sell and why (at least in your particular corner of the writing world).

Once you have those insights, it becomes almost effortless to engage with readers… and when you do engage, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll sell more books to more happy readers.

Rapid Reader Discovery provides fundamental marketing insights that you’ll be able to use with email campaigns and autoresponders… blurbs and book descriptions… advertising and headlines… even story lines, book covers and titles.

My hope for you is that Rapid Reader Discovery not only provides a kick-start for your author mailing list and book marketing plans, but that it reveals a whole new way to engage with readers and sell books for your publishing business. Will you join me?

What You'll Learn During This 6-Part Course:


Module 1: Solid Foundations

Learn how your assumptions about genres and readers have been holding you back — and start making reader-focused decisions in your business.


Module 4: Analyzing Your Data

Dig into the data you've collected so far and uncover who your best readers are — and find the natural emotional hooks that motivate those readers to buy.


Module 2: The Right Questions 

Get setup to collect "real reader" data — and ask questions that go beyond just demographics and stats — and get real insights into what your readers want.


Module 5: Your "Best" Readers

Expand on the reader trends you've identified and develop a detailed personal strategy to find more of your best readers and buyers.


Module 3: Finding Readers

How do you get the attention of readers to ask your "real reader data" questions? Learn how to leverage your existing resources — and build your mailing list at the same time.


Module 6: Apply New Insights

Get hands-on help and examples to apply your newfound reader insights in emails, blurbs, advertising and your overall book marketing plans.

PLUS! Get These Bonuses When
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  • Access to a 24/7 private online community via Slack — for questions and answers, accountability, collaboration and help from your instructor and your fellow authors 
  • Live Q&A sessions — for real-time help and feedback on your Rapid Reader Discovery progress. (Yes, all sessions will be recorded, too!)
  • Four weeks of private coaching via chat with Larissa Reynolds. Just send a private message in the Slack community to start a coaching thread, and Larissa will be available to answer your specific questions about engaging with readers and selling books

What Authors Are Saying...

Melissa Storm

USA Today Bestselling Author

Amp Up The Purchasing Power of Your Mailing List...

Although Larissa's coaching program is on the pricier side, it is worth every penny and more. Larissa truly cares about the authors she works with and their readers and has amazing insights that can help amp up the purchasing power and engagement of your mailing list big time. Did I mention I highly recommend her services? Because I do!

Thea Atkinson

New York Times and

USA Today Bestselling Author

So Much Value I Feel Like I Cheated...

Larissa went so far beyond what I expected and paid for that I feel like I cheated her. Every connection was a positive experience, and I really felt as though she cared about my success. Larissa opened my eyes to my own readers, helping me craft my onboarding sequence, my regular emails, and just the downright every day communications with my readers in a way that excites them and makes me feel more in touch with what they want. I am so grateful for this chance to have learned how to examine my own audience and create that raving fan base every author dreams of.

Shehan Peiris

Independent Publisher

I Wish I Had Done This Earlier

When Larissa suggested I go through the Reader Discovery process, I was a little skeptical. But I was wrong. I’ve been lucky that my intuition has been right for a lot of things since I started publishing, but a lot of assumptions I made about reader preferences were just… off. Like who my buying readers really are, and exactly what they want from my books. The Reader Discovery work that we did shows up in all the books I have now, and I’m seeing a lot of growth because of it. Sales revenue is up more than 35% in just a few months. I’m definitely reaching more readers and more of the right readers. I wish I had done it earlier. All that lag time to get to where I am now could have been finished a long, long time ago and I would be that much further ahead.

If You're Tired Of Chasing After
"Me, Too!" Book Marketing Fads...

If you're tired of following marketing fads that never quite work out as advertised... tired of tactics that only "sort of" work (or even fall completely flat) when it comes to helping you connect with readers and sell books...

If you look at other authors in your genre and think, "I'm doing all the same things... why doesn't this work for me?"

Maybe it's because, well, you're doing the same thing as everyone else. You haven't (yet) taken the time to focus on what's unique about your books and your readers and your business.

Formulas and swipe files and templates will only get you so far.

At some point you have to dig in and look at the fundamentals... how to build an audience... how to serve that audience... how to deeply understand your readers and fans and superfans (instead of just knowing "about" the readers in your genre)... how to give those readers great books and stories that you know they'll love... and, yes, even how to serve your readers with great marketing.

If you're ready to focus on the fundamentals... ready to create a reader-focused publishing plan that fits your unique business and books and one that resonates with your unique readers...

It all starts with getting to know your readers... it starts with Rapid Reader Discovery.

Common Questions About
Rapid Reader Discovery

Will the course material and modules be available immediately after I sign up?

I'm super busy right now. Do I have to follow a specific schedule to complete the course?

What if I can't start right away? Will I lose the bonus 4 weeks of private chat coaching?

What if I can't attend the Live Q&A calls?

Will this work for non-fiction genres? 

Can You Guarantee This Will Work For
My Books/My Genre/My Readers?

That’s what everyone really wants to know with these kind of things, isn’t it? Will it work for me? For my sub-genre? For my unique and special situation?

Well, I’ll tell you. Every author and every book and every business is different. But the fundamentals are always the same. (That's why they're called fundamentals, lol.)

Rapid Reader Discovery is based on time-tested, fundamental business and marketing principles that are proven to work. I've tested and refined this approach for my own pen names, and worked with nearly 100 fiction authors in a variety of genres and sub-genres. Almost every time, the authors who complete the Reader Discovery work come back with: "I had no idea. How did I miss that? This is going to make everything so much easier."

But, as with most things in life, there are no guarantees. I can’t guarantee this course will transform you into a bestseller. Too many variables. I can’t guarantee what results you’ll get (if any) because I don’t know enough about you and your situation. I don’t know your books or your genre. I don’t know about your work ethic or your skills or experience. And I don’t know how close (or how far) you are to making your readers happy right now. Heck, I know all those things about myself and my own books, and I can’t guarantee "exact" sales for my books at any given time, much less yours. 

But I believe in this Rapid Reader Discovery process, and I believe in you, so I will promise you this:

If you do the work during course — you complete all the assignments, participate in the online discussions and live calls, you take advice and put it into action, you put your best effort into learning how to understand and serve your readers — if you do all that and if at the end of the course material you don’t have a deeper understanding of your readers and how to sell books that your readers will love… I’ll waive my $5,000 private coaching fee and keep working with you for an extra 30 days at no charge. We'll figure it out together.

When you sign up today, I'll go "all in" to helping you make this work.

I'm ready to get started. Are you?

Larissa Reynolds

Larissa Reynolds


What, you've read all the way to the bottom here and you're still not sure? I'm not a fan of the hard sell — for readers or for authors. So if there's a question that's unanswered, or if you're just not sure if this Rapid Reader Discovery process is right for you right now, drop me a line and let me know a little about your situation. I'll give you my honest feedback, thumbs up or down, and based on what seems best for you and your business. No hard sell. Promise.

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