Rapid Reader Discovery 

Module 3: Getting Reader Responses (Dashboard)


Lesson #1: Warm vs. Cold Traffic

Learn the primary options for finding qualified "buyer" readers to answer your survey questions — along with the pros and cons of gathering survey responses from different traffic sources.

  • Video/Audio Runtime: 14:48m
  • Tasks: Evaluate your resources; decide on your Plan A and Plan B for gathering survey responses (15-20m)

Lesson #2: Attracting the "Right" Readers

How should you tell readers about your survey — to get the best possible response, but without skewing the results? Learn the do's and don'ts of attracting the "right" responses for your Reader Discovery process.

  • Video/Audio Runtime: 13:28m
  • Task: Discuss this lesson in Slack

Lesson #3: Email Invitations (Warm)

If you're planning to gather survey responses from your author mailing list, be sure to watch this lesson with examples of what to say, when to send (and resend) for the best possible response.

  • Video/Audio Runtime: 

Lesson #4: Social Traffic (Warm & Cold)

Outside of your author mailing list, what other resources are available to encourage reader responses? We'll cover social media options and online reader groups in this lesson — including tips, tricks and warnings — for warm and cold traffic sources.

  • Video/Audio Runtime: 

Lesson #5: Finding "Extra" Responses

What if you don't have an author mailing list? Or your list isn't so great? What if you're entering a new-to-you genre? Can you still use the Reader Discovery process? Yep. And bonus, you can build a list at the same time. Learn how with this lesson.

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