Rapid Reader Discovery 

Module 1: Foundations (Dashboard)


TIP: Don't skip the Scavenger Hunt! There are 5 short tasks that will unlock the full course discussion channel and your Author Assessment. If you get stuck, email larissa@fictioninsidersclub.com.

Scavenger Hunt Tasks: 10-15m
Author Assessment: 20-30m

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Before you dig into the course material, let's make sure you're comfortable with the Slack community. Slack is where all the author discussions happen, where you can get help and ask questions about the course, access your private chat coaching with Larissa, and where you'll find secret rewards just for completing course tasks and taking action.

  1. Join the Slack group (<< that link expires, so join as soon as you can)
  2. Meet Slackbot who will show you around (that happens after you join Slack)
  3. Look for the #meetup channel in Slack and follow the Scavenger Hunt tasks

Lesson #1: The New Normal

How has the reader marketplace changed in recent years months? What impact will that have on your relationship with readers? What impact has this "New Normal" had on your recent marketing efforts? And what advantages will you have with a better understanding of who your readers are, and why they buy?

  • Video/Audio Runtime: 18:24m
  • Optional: Post and discuss in Slack

Lesson #2: Assumptions

We all make assumptions — it's human nature. What assumptions have you made about your readers? The core of the Rapid Reader Discovery process is getting to know your reader. In this lesson we'll also start drafting your first Reader Profile, and evaluating what assumptions you might have already made (right or wrong) about your readers.

  • Video/Audio Runtime: 25:08m
  • Task: Draft Reader Profile 10-15m

Lesson #3: The Process

How does this work anyway? What's involved? In this lesson you'll get a quick overview of how the Rapid Reader Discovery process works, and what's coming up in the rest of this course.

  • Video/Audio Runtime: 14:26m

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