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"I find this career is like riding a rollercoaster — some days I'm high with writing and passion for my job, others I feel like a complete failure because I only sold 5 books. It's good to put things in perspective. I subscribe to quite a few newsletters, but yours is the only one I read every single time." — Melissa P.

"Oh, I do like your emails. They are not only punchy, they are delivered with warmth of style and carry a load of sense. Your material has an appeal and a direct clarity which lifts it above the others. Keep it up." — Desmond K.

"I'm learning so much from this whole experience. About me. About writing. If you asked me to rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 — this is a 10+." — Joy D.

"Larissa's ideas are so simple and make so much sense, I marvel at their elegance. Really." — Richard C.

"Thanks for putting out such good, quality courses. I've been reading your emails for a while, and I love your style. Reading your emails makes me feel like we can do this." — Maya S.

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