Create High-Engagement Emails That Readers Open, Read, Click and Love (and Emails That Sell Books)

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Early access = early results for your author mailing list.”

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Join the Engaging Emails Masterclass Pilot for early access to this premium author training course. Learn to create powerful, authentic emails that readers open, read, click and love — emails that sell books!
    • EXTENDED! Join by Jan 2nd to get a bonus personal strategy call — for one-on-one help with your email strategy, mailing list issues, individual email critiques and more.
    • Access the Pilot course with 8 weeks of video/audio/multimedia training — plus share feedback to make the Masterclass a perfect fit for your needs
    • Full access to the Engaging Emails Masterclass when available in 2017
    • Get personal feedback on your draft emails in a private online forum
    • Leverage a "repetition without risk" learning environment — to practice your new skills without risking your list or your reputation with readers
    • Participate in small group mastermind calls with 4-6 other authors — authors just like you — with similar list experience and in a similar genre
    • BONUS: 8 Weekly "Live Labs" + hot seat critiques (recordings, too)
    • BONUS:  Re-Engagement Workshop in January to learn how to reactivate "stale" subscribers on your mailing list

Frequently Asked Questions

My situation is XYZ. Should I sign up for this course?

Do I have to attend "live" to benefit from the Labs?

Tell me about the mastermind groups... will I get stuck working with other authors I don't like?

I'm crunched for time and need to see results before my book launch in 2 weeks...

I'm crunched for time but want to fit this in... how much time will I need to spend to make this worthwhile?


Let's be realistic. I can't promise that just by signing up for the Engaging Emails Masterclass, your magically energized mailing list will launch your next book onto the bestseller list. Too many variables.

What I can promise is if you complete the lessons and practice assignments in the Engaging Emails Masterclass — participate in the discussions, engage with your fellow authors, do the work — if you do all that and somehow you don't see a measurable improvement in your email engagement within 90 days, I'll work with you one-on-one at no extra charge until we find a strategy to get it right.

Every book, every author and every list is different — and I'm confident if you do the work and we work together, we'll find a way to get you where you need to go with your author mailing list.

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