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Melissa Pearl

The Only Newsletter I Read Every Single Time

“I find this career is like riding a rollercoaster—some days I'm high with writing and passion for my job, others I feel like a complete failure because I only sold 5 books. It's good to put things in perspective. I subscribe to quite a few newsletters, but yours is the only one I read every single time.”

The Best Investment of My Author Career

“This training is literally the best investment I've made in my author career to date. One of the reasons it worked for me was because it was so quick and easy to implement. Thank you, Larissa, for giving me the blueprint for success!”

Renee Rose
USA Today bestselling author
C.T. Mitchell

Turning Email Marketing Upside Down

”Larissa turned my email marketing knowledge on it’s head, threw out the salesy hype I used to write and showed me the importance of being myself and truly connecting with my readers. Now my list is growing and I'm experiencing my best engagement with my readers that I've ever had.”

Clarity with a Warmth of Style and a Load of Sense

“Oh, Larissa. I do like your emails. They are not only punchy, they are delivered with warmth of style and carry a load of sense. Your material has an appeal and a direct clarity which lifts it above the others. Keep it up.”

Desmond Kelly
Jennifer H. Westall

A Simple and Focused Marketing Process

“I've spent a fair amount of money on trying to figure out this book marketing stuff, and Larissa's training was something I could use immediately. It simplified a process I was very unsure about, and got me focused on the steps I needed to take. It felt like a huge weight was off my shoulders so I could focus on writing the next book.”

An "Off the Charts" Learning Experience

“I'm learning so much from this whole experience. About me. About writing. If you asked me to rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 — this is a 10+.”

Joy DeKok
Alana Terry
Award-winning suspense novelist

Rapid Insight and Step-by-Step Guidance

“I'm so thankful for Larissa and how willing she was to take my hand and guide me step by step through some hurdles that have kept me from using my author mailing list to its highest potential. She saw issues that could have taken me days to figure out and walked me through them with a click of a few buttons.”

Simple and Sensible Ideas for Self-Publishing

“Larissa's ideas are so simple and make so much sense, I marvel at their elegance. Really.”

Richard Collins

About Fiction Insiders Club

Larissa Reynolds

Okay, a confession: It's not really a "club" — it's an email newsletter. Next time I'll think more carefully about naming things. ;)

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